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Hanergy believes that thin-film and flexible solar cells represent the future of the PV industry. Since 2010, Hanergy has selected several amongst a number of PV companies in Europe, the U.S. and Japan for global technology integration. Through such integration, Hanergy will continue to maintain our position as one of the major players in the field of clean energy.




On June 5th, 2012, Hanergy finalized the acquisition of Solibro of the German PV giant Q-Cells. Its CIGS modules have the highest conversion efficiency of its kind globally, with the newest lab result reaching 19.6%.




On  January 9th, 2013, Hanergy announced the completion of acquisition of MiaSolé, a U.S. Silicon Valley company. It symbolized our second step in the global technology integration. Through this acquisition, we successfully acquired the CIGS technology with the world’s highest conversion efficiency. Its mass-production conversion efficiency reached 15.7%, making Hanergy the world’s leading thin-film solar enterprise in terms of scale and technology.



Global Solar Energy

On July 25th, 2013, Hanergy successfully acquired Global Solar Energy (GSE), a leading thin-film solar manufacturer located in Arizona, U.S. Its flexible PV modules can be put to a wide range of applications such as Building Integrated PV (BIPV), solar rooftop systems, and electric cars, etc. Through the acquisition of GSE, Hanergy became the world’s first company capable of mass production of flexible thin-film PV modules and took the most cutting-edge place in the global thin-film PV industry.
With the highest CIGS conversion efficiency worldwide, Hanergy is positioned as the global leading thin-film solar enterprise in terms of scale and technology. With seven technology routes, including a-Si/Ge, a-Si/μc-Si and CIGS, etc.,  we stand at the utmost frontier of the world’s thin-film solar technology.

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