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Hanergy Thin Film Power APAC Limited (Hanergy APAC) attended the 2015 Japan PV Expo  in Tokyo, Japan on February 25th to 27th, 2015. We exhibited and promoted the latest flexible thin film modules, consumer products such as camping tent, bag and clothes, BIPV products, and the Rapid Deployment Solar System.  Our booth attracted great attention from the solar PV industry of Japan and other countries across the region.

During the three-day expo, Hanergy APAC management and Japan company staff has received a number of interested visitors and conducted extensive in-depth meetings and discussions with many local PV companies and participants from other countries and regions, e.g. South Korea, Malaysia, Mongolia, etc.  We introduced the great prospect of applying Hanergy’s  thin film technologies on BIPV, residential, agricultural and other areas.  The guests and visitors showed huge interests to Hanergy products and scheduled to further discuss cooperation opportunities more in detail after the expo.

From this expo, it is shown that the Japan PV market has already shifted from heavy investment in ground-mounted stations to development of the residential and carport applications, micro systems and smart monitoring systems. Given Hanergy’s advantages of  thin film modules in its light weight, flexibility, high efficiency and aesthetic design, the market potential in Japan for Hanergy is huge, and Hanergy APAC is ready to further boost more sales in the local market and other Asia Pacific countries.

Japan PV Expo is the largest B2B PV expo in Japan and one of the most important expos in the Asia Pacific region. This year’s event attracted nearly 80,000 visitors and over 150 PV solar related companies, including corporations and organizations specialized in new energy, PV manufacturer, PV system integration provider, eco building and smart grid developer, etc.



Hong Kong, November 5, 2014  – Hanergy Global Solar Asia Pacific (APAC) hosted a seminar on BIPV (Building Integrated Photovoltaic) in Hong Kong on November 5th.

The seminar, themed “Building Green, Planning Green, and Living Green – Solar Integration,” has attracted nearly 70 participants including policy makers from the government, architects, property developers, construction experts, academic scholars and environmental groups. It is the first time for Hanergy APAC to hold a specialized seminar in Hong Kong, where its headquarters is located.

Mr. Frank Zhu, vice president of Hanergy Holding Group and chairman and CEO of Hanergy APAC, said in his welcoming remark that Hanergy has leading thin-film PV technology that provides cheaper and cleaner solution to energy usage by turning the buildings into power houses and also ensures aesthetic designs of the architecture.

The seminar invited Prof. Hong Xing Yang as one of the guest speakers. A professor of the Building Engineering Department and coordinator of renewable energy research group at Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Prof. Yang is renowned for his long-time research on the solar application on buildings. He shared his research on the BIPV market and trend, especially findings that supports the possibility or necessity of developing BIPV in large metropolis such as Hong Kong, as the solar panels can be integrated into new or old buildings, car parks, lighting features, canopies, etc. His presentation captured the audience greatly and attracted a lot of questions.

Dr. Jimmy Tong from Arup, a well established Hong Kong architecture firm, also shared their experience on urban installation of solar panels and challenges on actual projects,  and analyzed their representative BIPV demonstration projects in Hong Kong.

Mr. Chris Chen, the senior vice president of BIPV Business Unit of Hanergy Global Solar Power Solutions Group, introduced Hanergy’s advanced thin-film technology, diversified solutions for BIPV, strategies to drive value creation and main products set to hit the metropolitan markets.

Through the seminar, Hanergy APAC has successfully promoted the concept of BIPV and built up its brand image not only in Hong Kong but also neighboring markets. We received many positive feedbacks and enquiries during and after the seminar. A number of potential clients have expressed interests in future partnership with Hanergy on mid- to large-scale BIPV or BAPV projects and other off-grid solar applications.

PV EXPO Tokyo is Japan's largest B-to-B international exhibition specialized in PV industry. The three-day EXPO hints at future growth for Japan's solar market, despite the forthcoming FIT cuts. About 1600 Solar Cell / Module Manufacturers, EPC companies, research institutes and industry-related associations took part, including top companies across the globe. The 2014 exhibition includes solar-based renewable technologies, systems Integration and service providers, storage systems for renewable energy, smart grid, etc.
Hanergy’ booth displayed the world's most advanced high-tech thin film and new concept of green technology. Over 1,500 visitors including 800 solar professionals visited the booth. Many international customers keenly expressed their interests in Hanergy’s products and upcoming projects in Japan.

During the EXPO, Hanergy conducted a series of business negotiations, project cooperation, talent recruitment, product pitch and brand promotion activities. Hanergy Global Solar Asia Pacific Ltd. officially signed the acquisition agreement of a 5x50KW ground-mounted solar power demonstration station in Japan, completed the framework agreement negotiation of a 16x50KW project, and further discussed cooperation with two potential strategic clients.

Hosted by REAP, 3rd Expo of International Exhibition and Conference on Renewable and Alternative Energy is one of the leading expo in renewable energy in Pakistan. The three-day exhibition was accompanied with parallel Products Seminar Sessions, attracting more than 6,000 visitors.

Solar technologies played a leading role at the exhibition. About 40 Exhibitors at home and abroad displayed a range of products including photovoltaic battery components and materials, solar cell/module, inverter, LED illumination, photovoltaic power generation system, EPC solutions, etc.

As a major sponsor, Hanergy APAC joined the Expo and presented their world leading technology and its customized applications to the Pakistan market which faces severe electric power challenges.

Hanergy’s booth attracted great attention from principal enterprises, professionals in the solar industry and key decision makers, such as executives from AEDB Pakistan (Alternative Energy Development Board) and the Chairman of REAP, as well as other customers from various areas such as investment institutions, project developers, real estates, consultancies and accounting firms.

On March 22nd, Hanergy APAC hosted a technology seminar. Its technical director Dr. KC Hui introduced Hanergy’s future plan towards Pakistan market, such as establishing the JV, market development strategies and main products set to hit the market, and answered questions from the audiences.

Through the Expo, we’ve successfully built up Hanergy’s brand image not only in Pakistan but also neighboring countries. We received many positive feedback and enquiries during and after the Expo. A number of potential strategic clients have proposed interests in future partnership on mid- to large-scale ground-mounted solar projects.

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