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On August 28th, the 2nd and 3rd phase of Hanergy Hainan Prefecture Photovoltaic Solar Power Station with a 100 MW installed capacity started its construction. With a total installed capacity of 150 MW for all three phases, the power station is the largest grid-connected thin-film photovoltaic solar power station cluster in the world. It will also mark a new milestone of Hanergy in the downstream sector of the photovoltaic industry.



On August 14th, Michel Sidibé, Under-Secretary-General of United Nations and Executive Director of UNAIDS, visited Hanergy. Together Mr. Sidibé, representatives of UN agencies, National Health and Family Planning Commission, and Hanergy discussed issues such as global partnership, the role of Chinese private companies in HIV response.



On July 26th, Hanergy's Hainan Prefecture PV Power Station celebrated its grid connection. The 50MW power station marked the biggest single thin-film solar power plant of its kind in the world.



On July 25th, Hanergy finalized its acquisition of the US-based Global Solar Energy Inc., which made Hanergy the first large-scale producer in the world to mass produce flexible thin-film PV modules.



On July 22nd, Hanergy has launched an educational poverty alleviation program “Raising Them Up,” jointly with China Talents Scholarship Fund and High School Affiliated to Tsinghua University. At the ceremony, Hanergy and China Talents Scholarship Fund signed the Memorandum of Understanding on Strategic Cooperation for the program.



On July 3rd, Hanergy and IKEA hosted the Launching & Grid-Connection Ceremony for Hanergy-IKEA Roof-top Power Stations. So far, Hanergy has installed thin-film PV solar power panels on the roof-tops of five IKEA stores.



On June 18th, Hanergy purchased 10,000 tons of carbon credits (the first carbon credit exchange in China) at the Shenzhen Emission Exchange. Hanergy was the first buyer of such transaction.



On April 20th, Hanergy made an initial donation of five million RMB for the emergency response to Ya’an Earthquake. In the meantime, Hanergy also made an in-kind donation of thin-film solar power emergency equipment of two million RMB.



On April 12th, the 10MW BAPV Project on the rooftop of Hanergy Heyuan base was connected to the grid. Approved by Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Science and Technology and National Energy Agency, the project was listed as one of the 2012 National Golden Sun Demonstration Projects.



From March 3rd to 12th, Mr. Li Hejun, Chairman of Hanergy, attended the 1st Session of 12th Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) as a delegate and submitted two proposals to advocate further development of clean energy.



On January 9th, Hanergy finalized the acquisition of MiaSolé, a US manufacturer of CIGS thin-film PV modules. The deal brought to Hanergy not only the global leading CIGS technology with the highest conversion efficiency in the world, but also a company size that ranks among the top thin-film PV players globally. 




On December 20th, the 20MW ground-mounted solar power station owned by Hanergy, located at Taiyangshan Development Zone of Wuzhong City, Ningxia, celebrated its grid connection, making it the first large-scale centralized ground-mounted PV power station of Hanergy with successful grid connections in China.



On December 10th, Mr. Li Hejun, Chairman of Hanergy, was elected as Vice Chairman of All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce.



On November 29th, Hanergy announced the achievement of 3GW annual production capacity of thin-film PV modules, which makes it the largest thin-film solar company in the world.



On Sep.25th, Hanergy completed the acquisition of Solibro GmbH, a subsidiary of Q.Cells.



On July 28th, Mr. Li Hejun, Chairman of Hanergy, was re-elected as President of China New Energy Chamber of Commerce.



On July 17th, Hanergy was awarded “the Best Employer of China” in the national conference to honor individuals and companies that increase employment opportunities in China.



On June 30th, L' Aquila PV Power Station in Italy was connected to grid for power generation. The power station was developed and constructed by Hanergy in partnership with AzzeroCO2 and Exalto from the country.



On June 13th, Hanergy established a strategic partnership with IKEA, based on which Hanergy will install photovoltaic panels on the rooftops of all IKEA stores and for IKEA vendors in China. The IKEA project, including production and installation of PV panels will be executed in three years.



On May 10th, Hanergy's BIPV Power Station at Wujin Plant in Jiangsu Province was connected to the grid for power generation.



On April 28th, Hanergy Yucheng Thin Film Base in Shandong Province launched its operation.



On March 29th, Hanergy Haikou Thin Film Base in Hainan Province launched its operation.




On November 19th, Hanergy Heyuan Thin Film Base in Guangdong Province was put into production.



On June 15th, Shuangliu Thin Film PV Research and Manufacturing Base in Sichuan Province started its operation. 



On March 27th, Jin'anqiao Hydropower Station on Jinsha River, Yunnan Province was connected to the gird for power generation. It is by far the world's largest privately financed and constructed hydropower station. As a major power supplier to eastern Chinese provinces, this project was recognized by All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce as such that signifies the private sector’s entry into the national large-scale infrastructure construction. It also positioned Hanergy as a gigawatt-level hydropower provider. .


Before 2010


On December 31st, Hanergy Huangtian Hydropower Station  in Guangdong Province was connected to the grid for power generation.


Before 2009


On May 21st, 2008, the First Phase of Rudong Wind Farm in Jiangsu Province, also the largest wind farm in Asia at the time, was connected to the grid for power generation.



On December 29th, 2007, Wulanghe River Secondary Hydropower Station in Yunnan Province was connected to the grid for power generation.



On November 9th, 2007, all three phases of Helanshan Wind Farm in Ningxia Autonomous Region were connected to the grid for power generation.



In November 2006, Hanergy became a registered member of the Executive Board of the United Nation's Clean Development Mechanism.



On April 30th, 2002, Mujing Hydropower Station in Guangdong Province began generating power.



On August 28th, Hanergy began construction of its first hydropower station, Mujing Hydropower Station on Dongjiang River in Guangdong Province.




Hanergy Holding Group (named Beijing He Tai He Trade & Development Co. Ltd. at the time) was founded.


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